Zinkteknik's Environmental Policy

As a supplier of zinc die casted items to different markets and industries we shall:
Work in order to take care of unused resources in the business and contribute to a continuous environmental improvement of our products and processes.

Continuously reduce our environmental impact through regularly implement new realistic goals.

Follow the laws and norms that are applicable within our business field and have environmental facts available for our interest parties.

Through education and information get all employees to feel responsibility for their own part of Zinkteknik’s environmental work.


We believe in sustainable development regarding both environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Our metal is produced in an environmentally friendly way, fully recyclable. Our work is circularly, which means that we always take care of residual products from our manufacturing process. They become secondary materials to produce new zinc. Zinc has a low melting temperature of 400-415 degrees, which gives a significantly lower energy consumption than other metals require (often they have 200 - 300 ° higher melting temperature). Since we only consume the metal that we melt when we cast, no residual material is caused. Our manufacturing process uses clean electricity as energy source, which means that we generally have very low emission points.

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Ethical behavior

Zinkteknik expects and demands that all employees perform their tasks according to the highest ethical standards.
Zinkteknik encourages you to report any incidents of unethical behavior.

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Social responsibility

In addition to environmental responsibility, we take great social responsibility in Sweden and Bosnia, especially in local association life. By helping early where needed, we believe we can help reduce the risk of young people going wrong. The purpose of our work is to create a better family life for both children and adults, where association life sometimes can be the security a child needs, outside of school. When children and young people are active in association life, we believe that we help counteract bullying and exclusion - since we hope that more children feel a sense of belonging and inclusion because of that. We want to make a difference - it is important for us to contribute to the community in whatever way we can.

Constantly learning

Our brains make us stars. We build our brand based on the combined competence that exists in our company and therefore we are always looking for employees who can be part of our journey and strive towards new goals. As constantly learning is one of our core values, we know that we are an inspiring company to work at. We continuously train all employees and offer exciting and innovative projects, which contributes to the feeling that we are constantly moving forward.

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