The people behind our success

At Zinkteknik, the people are the company. Our employees possess knowledge and experience required to create continuity, which is crucial to uphold high quality and transparency at all levels. Here, everyone cooperates, help, and support each other. That spirit creates a sense of security and trust that permeates everything we do. Why our employees choose to work with us, does not have just one answer. But we think that the biggest reason is that we are a team. We always make sure that our staff is healthy and well. That is important to us. And we do that through cheering and activities to build team spirit and a good culture. We celebrate together when we perform at a high level. It is important to us to focus on the person behind the employee, and to always respect each other. We are, simply, like a big family.

Be a part of our Zinkteknik family

Do you want to be a part of our Zinkteknik family? Do you identify yourself with our values and have an unceasing desire to learn? Can you see the big picture and enjoy seeing a product come to life? We do too. Please, get in touch with us, we are happy to grab a coffee and get to know you better.

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